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Seeking the extraordinary in expressive movement, 
Epiphany inspires and educates performers and audiences alike.



Founded in 1994, Epiphany was originally created to express a message of faith through dance. For many years
we partnered with churches and other established organizations to create meaningful and inspiring experiences for their audiences.

In 2014, Lisa Valeri Spradley became the Artistic Director after being with the company from its inception.
Lisa has created more than 30 works for the company and has years of experience expressing rather complicated and complex ideas through dance and movement. As a collective passionate about dance and dancers, we are now reaching out to the wider community without leaving behind our commitment to meaningful and inspiring work. 

EDP is on a mission to partner with other creative minds to increase the appreciation for dance as artistic expression, a unique form of communication, and a way to strengthen community.



Protest Songs

Lisa Valeri Spradley - 2018

Music - Buffalo Sprignfield, R.E.M.

This piece links together protest songs through 4 decades of American life. Sometimes it takes turmoil in the culture around us to confront our own barriers. 



Lisa Valeri Spradley - 2018

Music - Maurice Durufle performed live by Vincent DuBois, organist for Notre Dame de Paris

The hauntingly beautiful Requiem by Durufle inspired a look at the journey we go on when faced with deep loss and grief. How do we mend our brokenness as individuals and in community with others?

pc: Michael Mallicote

pc: Michael Mallicote

Between You and Me

Lisa Valeri Spradley - 2017

Music - Dan Deacon

Inspiration came from the writings of Ta-Nehisi Coates, James Baldwin and Becca Stevens. The dancers are grappling with how much vulnerability we can safely share and how much we choose to keep to ourselves.

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Notre Corps...Where Do We Remember?

Lisa Valeri Spradley - 2014

Music performed by Edith Piaf

Inspired by the work of Pina Bausch. Our bodies hold memories and mysteries, intelligence and intuition.



Lisa Valeri Spradley - 2013

Music by Abigail Washburn and St.Paul de Vence

Orison is an ancient word for prayer. These two solos, linked by their idea of longing and sacrifice, tell very different stories of how we see ourselves in this wide human experience.


A Spiraling Dance

Lisa Valeri Spradley - 2012

Spoken word with live percussion by Mario Marini

This work was created in response to a deeper look into our place in the ever evolving universe. The title and text excerpts come from a documentary produced by cosmologists working in both the scientific and spiritual realms.

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Class Schedule

Tuesday & Thursday

12:00 - 1:30pm


Centennial Performing Arts Studios,

211 27th Avenue North,, Nashville, TN 37203

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$12.00 per class

We appreciate your support for the health & growth of the dancers
and their community.

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Photo by Kisa Kavass

Photo by Kisa Kavass