Summer is a native of East Nashville and an alumna of Belmont University's College of Visual and Performing Arts, where she majored in theatre and drama with an emphasis in directing and minored in dance. Summer has been dancing ever since she was a little girl but did not start professional training until her freshman year of college. Her love for dance goes beyond performing on a stage--she loves children and the magical feeling she gets from motivating and inspiring youth. Her goal as a dancer is to diversify her experiences and talents with the world of art and extend arts opportunities to at-risk youth and families who suffer from financial disadvantages. She works to give back to her community by teaching dance and offering mentorship to local community centers, while encouraging kids to use art as a way to overcome life’s hardships. "As a child, dance was one of the few things that kept me away from the negativity that controlled my environment. Dance helped me gain self-confidence and gave me a reason to be happy in a world full of drugs, violence and lost dreams. Dancing made me feel secure and I knew that no matter what, I could always gain a clear head through movement and gesture. 

"While I know that I have much to learn, God blessed me with a passion. I will use dance as a healing mechanism, a pathway to freedom and a tool to promote self-expression for those who have yet to find their artistic voices or purposes." -Summer